"Intangibles" of Preferring m4/3

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"Intangibles" of Preferring m4/3

We see plenty of discussions regarding technical pros and cons of m4/3. The balance of size and weight with IQ, compared to other formats, is a valid concern which has varying degrees of importance to different people.

I for one include a prospective Sony FE system with a few lenses in my "Wish List" as I budget for equipment needs.  I'd buy an A7Riii and several lenses in a heart beat if money were not an issue. So I'm certainly not about to bash or unrealistically elevate either FF or m4/3.

In fact, I don't even want to address that (I just wanted to qualify my position for those who like to think they know about supposed ulterior motives for certain types of posts. )

I'm talking about the aspects of using m4/3 gear that leads me to use it, apart from some of the more obvious things we tend to discuss. Here are a few that do make a big difference to me.

  • I simply enjoy using Olympus gear. I like the feel of it (in part because of the size).  Perhaps part of that appeal is how much I enjoyed not only using, but even just looking at, the OM cameras I used many years ago. (I thought my Nikon F2AS was really cool looking too). It's a matter that when I use my EM1s and lenses, whether for work or personal enjoyment, I have a pleasant photographic experience.
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio. Yes, I know I can crop 2:3 to 4:3. However, the majority of my final images are in 4:3. Part of that is my predominate subject matter, but it's also just how I see things. Whenever I do crop to a different aspect ration, it's more often to 4:5 than 2:3, which means less of a crop from 4:3.
  • Personal style.  Ever since I started in digital, I had a certain look in mind that is different from the understandably popular goal of low noise and high resolution. I like a film like appearance to my photos, so I try to use noise and reduced DR as an aesthetic element of my images (most of the time).
  • Just to be different. Yes, indeed. Riding on the back of the above point about personal style,  I just like using gear that is outside the norm, unexpected. I also tend to favor the "underdog". I'm just a curmudgeon in that regard, I guess.
  • Bang for the buck. I almost always buy used gear from a trusted source (usually KEH). The relative lack of popularity of m4/3 makes for lower prices. Since I hang on to gear as back up, rather than selling it, I'm not concerned about resell value.

So them thar's my "intangible" reasons for using m4/3 gear. Share yours if you have any, please.

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Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed. Quote by Garry Winogrand

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