Canon Powershot G5 5mp oldie tech review

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Canon Powershot G5 5mp oldie tech review

Bought this oldie but goodie recently for all of 9 bucks. Came with a camera bag, 2GB  Sandisk Ultra CF card, BP-511 battery, cables, etc.

I only have been using this for a few days now here and there. Gotta say that I am pretty impressed with this old camera! From its great flipout and twisty screen, to its relatively good ergonomics, the top LCD display, hot shoe, etc. This camera was ahead of its time in many ways (although basically a slightly higher resolution version of the G3 that it followed).

To summarize, here are some Pros and Cons. Mind you, I have only been using this sporadically here and there for the past couple of days since I have acquired it, so this is just an more or less "hands on" type of review.


- Nice CCD 1/1.8" sensor (think great, GREAT colors)

- Flip out, twist screen. Nice and bright, glad Canon used a matte finish to reduce glare!

- A real lens cap. Not the slide out door thing found on the S series, or some auto-door closing thing like on my G15.

- Top LCD info screen. Very useful, a shame its not on the newer P&S cameras.

- Magnesium Alloy body. Very sturdy, feels great and confident in the hand.

- Optical viewfinder. Nice to have, although not terribly useful.

- CompactFlash memory card slot is separate from the battery compartment.

- Using the BP-511 battery. Why is this a pro? Think long battery life, and is fully compatible with all the early G series cameras, not to mention many of the higher end DSLR cameras from back then. Can find batteries, chargers, etc. very easy with this in mind!

- Lens.. wow! Basically an L lens for a 1/1.8" sensored camera! Fast aperture (f/2-f/3), good range (35-140mm), and sharp at all apertures!

- RAW mode. I realize all the early G series had this function, but I gotta say the RAW photo output on this is simply stellar!

- CCD colors. I know I mentioned this earlier, but gotta love those early Canon colors!

- Flash.. the flash output on this camera is very nice. The fact that you can change the flash speed for output is great as well.

- ND filter. Although only one setting for the ND strength, I find it very useful in bright scenes.

- Macro mode: with its 5cm focus range, this mode is quite useful for bringing subjects in nice and close.

- Manual focus magnification loupe. LOVE this feature on the G5. Makes manual focusing a breeze!

- Front scroll wheel. Although some people may not like this as much, I actually think it was an innovative feature to press down on the scroll wheel to switch function (I use manual mode, so this goes between exposure/aperture settings).


- Function system. The Function menu, while useful, is somewhat slow to bring up and it irritates me I have to push the function button again to get out of it (like being able to half press the shutter to get right into the shot after making my selection). Wish the ND filter selection was also here.

- No dedicated ISO button. Unless there is a way to remap a key or two, this would be insanely useful to have, instead of having to hop into the function setup.

- Autofocus. Think of using this camera mainly in brigher conditions. The contrast detect system on this, works quite poorly in lower light. Thank goodness for the manual focus loupe!

- Very little ISO headroom. By this I mean that the noise past ISO 100 gets pretty strong. The top end of ISO 400 is barely usable (think B&W shots for this ISO). Understandably though, this is a camera from 2003.

- Wishing the wide angle was wider.. like a 24mm over the 35mm. Would have been fine if Canon had taken some off the telephoto end to accommodate for the wider angle.

All in all, I am quite impressed with this little beast! For the money that you can get this at now, it should be a no-brainer just to have fun with, or give it to someone wanting to learn more about photography! Sample photos to follow.

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Canon PowerShot G5
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