*******Challenge # 254******** Night Time Relections - Winners

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*******Challenge # 254******** Night Time Relections - Winners

Thanks to all for entering this challenge and huge appologies for the lateness of the result (I forgot I was away when the competition ended). There were some good entries and it was quite difficult to judge even though there weren't as many entries as I expected - perhaps it was a harder challenge than I thought. I was a little surprised there weren't more reflections in glass (other than Wu Jiaqiu) but then I didn't offer any examples of that myself. What did surprise me a little was the photos including boats on water, often of longer exposures and when I've tried this myself the boats nearly always move a fraction in a long exposure which leads to blurry images which I didn't see in the submitted images e.g. TomiMc's "Bar Harbor, Maine" and m1964's "Exhibition". There were a few images in the "exhibition" label which might have been possible places e.g. herbymel.


draacor's "Lake Tahoe" was an outstanding image that I've no experience of taking mostly because I don't live anywhere where this is even possible. In my mind the sky is the real focus of the image although it certainly meets the challenge as there are subtle reflections in the water from the rocks and distant lights and probably due to the 30s exposure the water is flat. One of the difficulties in getting good reflections is having still water. I bow to you draacor as this is a truely wonderful photograph.


Bellevue & Lake Washington (view from Leschi)

1971_M5's "Bellevue" was an interesting image with long streaks of reflected golden light on the water from the buildings - in fact the reflections are like daggers on the water. The building lights "infect" the sky in a pleasant way giving it a pleasing glow.


bathgate's "Sunset reflections with sea foam" was an image I didn't expect to see and one I kept going back to. I've tried taking photographs like this one a few times and they are harder than they look. The colours are fantastic and a great balance of sky and reflections on the sea and wet sand from the dramatic sky.

The Californian coast showing itself under an unusual light.

mf2004's first image in "California Coast & Brisbane Nightskape" was a very close 4th only "slightly" spoilt for me by that line of lights on the top third right which is a bit of a distraction to me. Nevertheless I really like the image.

I wish I had the chance to take photographs at locations like I Beam has. Your Singapore river images have so much potential and I really wanted to place them but all of your images have moving subjects so you were forced to take them at higher speeds and hence higher ISOs and I just don't care for the noise in the sky that results. If you could get a lower ISO image without something moving I think you'd be onto a winner (in my opinion of course).

Thank you to all for entering and the baton passes (again, I think) to draacor which given your entry should be no surprise to you or anyone else on the forum.


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