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On Exif presence for posted images

Mike Fewster wrote:

LouHolland wrote:

Hi Mike,

Mike skip the exif problem as you've wrote it. There is no issue as I always myself strip the exif data and I do that from almost I think 2010.

Mike the point was an other one as I recently put down a self-portrait and you complained that there was no exif data available.

Also you wrote about the tolerance of this forum about camera brands etc.

Well I do know as I've lead this forum once for almost half a year as an OP myself. However in an other thread and discussion I got banned by Dpreview for having a disagreement with the OPs of dpreview.

At that time I find Andrew willing to take the stand which he did outstandingly for many, many years and I was glad he was willing to do that as I find it my obligated to take care finding a successor.

Also I have expirience with the Monochrome Thread which I have lead for many many years myself and that thread was very know for its civelized character and atmosphere and for its brand tolerance too.

It might be I have the attitude of a cat, because cats always urinate in someone else's garden Lol



Mike Fewster wrote:

LouHolland wrote:

Noblesse oblige, it is my honest feel that this CC thread is no longer valuable to me as it has in its early days, so I'm out.

I'm not out of this Forum because it could have some appeal to contribute sometimes to different forum subjects.

Also it might be I come back once for Mike Fewster to show him in a new image some real exif, but I don't promise anything Mike

So bye bye.

Thanks Lou

Hi all.

Over the last few weeks I have kind of busy and I been dipping in and out of the weekly post as I get spare moments. I haven't followed discussions though. Consequently I only got to the later stages of this thread a few minutes ago and after I had posted my response to Lou's post this week.

Lou, I note that you are not saying you are leaving the forum, just that you have had your final word on this thread of the weekly forum. OK. Apart from that, let me join everyone in saying that this little forum is quite unique in its willingness to discuss openly, honestly and without the rancour that marks most forums. We should treasure it for that. Sheesh. You guys even tolerate a Sony user.

Lou, re exif. this probably isn't what you meant but I have been meaning to say this elsewhere in the forum anyway. My photos usually get posted without exif for reasons I don't fully understand. It think it has something to do with the way I export from LR. My LR image gets a quick trip into PS wher I add the border that usually goes around my shots. This then saves into LR again and exports from there to the file that sources my forum posts. Somewhere in that process the exif gets stripped out.

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Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

I don't think I was complaining that the exif wasn't there in your shot, I'd just have been interested to have seen the exif when discussing the shot. I often look at the exif of posted shots as it often helps understand how the photographer approached the shot. It annoys me that the exif of many of my own posts doesn't appear for the reason I explained. It's a problem I'll try to fix.

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Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

Anyone hoping to gain useful tech information from the Exif on my shots should be aware that I'm a snapshooter usually in P or Auto, and/or I've neglected to check any settings before raising the camera to shoot.

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