Nifty fifty STM - focus issues, or human error?

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Re: Nifty fifty STM - focus issues, or human error?

archiekar wrote:

Yes it is in part how it works, the focus ring has play as do the teeth that control it so there is a lack of precision. The jump is quite fast and I believe it uses an inerpolation algo of some sort so it is not just a move in one direction but rather just past and back.

I have a copy of the 50 F1.8 ii (not STM) that becomes quite good at F2.2 and consistent shooting a 5D mkii if that makes a difference.

We are really nit picking here, what we get out of this lens is truly great, and that statement does not need the " for the money" thing before it...even though it is a bargain at its price around $100. After understanding its limitations you can still use it to effectively capture many types of scenes SO enjoy it, I do, hope you do now as well!

Agreed, just a small correction - all STM lenses have "fly-by-wire" focus rings, which means they are not physically coupled with the focus motor (they behave like a "remote control" for the focusing system).

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