How much better would a 1/2" sensor be?

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Re: How much better would a 1/2" sensor be?

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I've been look at modern smartphones and the largest(minus Panasonic CM1/CM10) seem to go is 1/2.3" in the likes of a few Sony models, Nexus 5x/6p, 1st gen Pixel, and Blackberry KeyOne. So, how much of an improvement would a 1/2" sensor with all the latest top tech iPhone, Samsung, Sony, and Google phones offer, like BSI, stacked sensor, and OIS over what we currently have? I can't find much on 1/2" sensor others than Fuji offering it on some of their cameras, which were about the same size as other p&s cameras with 1/2.3" sensor in the same class. Since cameras were about the same size 1/2" wouldn't really make phones thicker, have a bump, or bulkier than the current models or else I'd suggest going 2/3" like the Nokia 1020, which does have that bigger camera bump that manufactures(and users in general) seem to be avoiding these days.

I am really thinking that a phone with a 1/2" stacked and/or BSI senor, with OIS paired with a f1.8, and AI software, would give us better low light shots that we are getting now. Think about a phone with decent DR and a bit less noise in a low light scenario.

It Not solely a question of sensor size.

There is also a Fast lens (f2.0 and faster atleast), OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), faster sensor that does full resolution readout at atleast 20+ frames for effective HDR, fast processor like the Snapdragon 835/ Exynos 8890 with a few dedicated ISPs, some superb algorithms etc. Except for extreme low light, computational photography can make-up for most hardware shortcomings (especially if viewed at reasonable sizes).

While the CM1 had a superb sensor, it was terribly slow, with No OIS and a reasonably slow lens. Plus its smartphone features were dead on arrival.

Plus the camera phone must be pocket-able and must start almost instantly.

It seems that you never used it.

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