Lightroom - why so different performance experiences?

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Lightroom - why so different performance experiences?

Hi guys,

I'd been contemplating switching to Lightroom Classic CC due to performance reasons. But when I did a little research if that made sense, I came across the problem that people have made vastly different experiences with Lightroom performance (regardless of version). So I started asking myself why that is.

I had been very active in the benchmarking business regarding computer games. There are (at least I think) more variables than when benchmarking Lightroom:

  • Game version (patch)
  • Scene to benchmark
  • Graphics driver version
  • API
  • Resolution and detail settings
  • Bottlenecks by other components (CPU/GPU/RAM timings depending on what you want to test)

And even then, it was possible (not always easy) to reproduce the results of online publications or other forum posters.

With Lightroom, I see people benchmarking things that should be faster (like import that apparently uses more than one CPU thread now), yet are not. Person A reports a much better "snappiness" while Person B says Lightroom Classic CC is even less responsive than LR6.

Any idea what could be the cause? Are the "professional" benchmarks done by pudgetsystems and co. reliable and the average Joe just doesn't know how to properly benchmark (myself included, I had trouble getting consistent results even from LR6 alone). Or is there something else amiss?

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