30x zoom or 3x zoom for compact camera?

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Re: 30x zoom what for?

My biggest concern by far when visiting a place is how wide the lens is. I cant't take pictures of historic places with a 35mm lens! Unless you are happy with framing half of a building...

30x zoom is good to have on a safari, but only if you can get clear pictures with good colors all along the zoom range, which is tricky. What else is that zoom range useful for, squirells and footbal games, moon shots?

So it depends on your style. I am perfectly happy with my panasonic lx3's 2.5x zoom because it starts at 24mm f2.0-2.8 and this means i can fully use the zoom range even in the dark and i can frame an entire building if needed.  When i go places i shoot mostly scenery, buildings and people. Close-up shoots are important too(food, flowers etc).

Fortunately these days there are plenty of cameras with more than 3x zoom, enough wide end and decent lens that can accommodate most demands for a travel camera. Choose the best compromise for you.

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