Multi-screen setup -- use Newer or larger

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Multi-screen setup -- use Newer or larger


I work in MultiMedia design and production and am r- arranging my office and plan to bring more monitors into the arrangement.

I have been running a Dell u3014 and up3017 (30", 16:10, 2560x1600, 96ppi, wide gamut, IPS). One landscape (just about 500 pixels off center to the right), and one portrait, slanted inward bout 30 degrees. I use the portrait monitor for editing portrait images and layouts, code editors, 3d render windows in Maya and Max, video editing project bins in premiere, fx controls, reference images, viewing pdf/word documents, eMail or other internet bits and bobs when working on images, graphics or audio.

I am using HW calibration with an x-Rite i1 calibration puck and the Dell software.

When I rearrange, I am planning on bringing at least one more screen into the mix.

If your choice was between:

  • Dell u2713h (27", 16: 9, 2560x1440, 108ppi, wide gamut, IPS panel )
  • Dell 3007wfp (30", 16:10, 2560x1600, 96ppi, sRGB gamut, S-IPS panel)

Would you choose to bring in the newer 27" model that can use same 14bit HW calibration LUT as the newer 30" Dells?

Or would you preferable to use the 3007wfp because it has the same pixel pitch and aspect ratio, but would not allow for HW calibration? In addition, I do not know if I can run SW & HW calibration simultaneously?

Any advice is appreciated.

PS -- Main apps are pShop, Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Audacity, ProTools, Illustrator, and some inDesign.

Workstation specs -- 6 core i7 3930 overclocked to 4.4 Ghz, nVidia gtx660ti, 32GB, c: & d: -2 56GB Samsung 840pro SSD's, e: - 2ea 2TB Muskin SSD's in RAID, f: - 12TB RAID 5 with 4ea seagate 3TB 7200 rpm spinners.

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