Handled a G9 - impressions

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Handled a G9 - impressions

I went to a Photo Expo at Mike's Camera in Denver today and got to play with a G9 a bit.  Somehow it didn't seem as big as I was expecting.  I was fine with its size and weight (it had a PL 12-60 mounted), but I have fairly big hands and I'm fine with the size of the GX8 as well.

The EVF is gi-normous!  It is also sharp, detailed, and bright - just tremendous.  I don't wear glasses other than reading glasses, and I don't wear those while shooting.  I was able to see the full .83X EVF just fine.  When I tried it with reading glasses on, though, it wasn't as easy to see the edges of the image, and I used the V Mode button to adjust it down (.77x or .7x).  I wonder if the add-on eye cup might also require adjusting it down from .83.  I may wait to buy that and see if it is needed.

The camera felt very solid, beautifully made.  Nice textured finish, and the grip felt good - plenty of room for my fat fingers between the grip and the PL 12-60.  The back side thumb grip spot and the open space along the right side where the base of the thumb can hit will eliminate any inadvertent button presses.  Very well thought out, finally!

The front vertical control dial with dedicated WB, ISO, and EV buttons behind it will be a bit of an adjustment for Panasonic users who don't shoot with a GH, but I don't think it will be a big one.  That control dial was easy to reach and to turn.  The middle (ISO) button has two little raised dots which distinguish it.   I didn't have trouble reaching any of them.  Thankfully, the same is not true for the "Record" button just behind them, which is dropped down and a bit more of a stretch back for the index finger - I don't want to be inadvertently pressing that one.  The back control dial also was easy to reach and turn.

The shutter button did fire a bit more easily than my other cameras, but it wasn't quite as "hair trigger" as I feared from some reports.

I like the joystick.  I expect I will shoot a lot with the LCD closed.  It may not be as fast as moving the focus point with touch screen, but it's reasonably fast.  Being able to press it to return the focus point to center is great.  It seemed a bit of a reach to me, maybe more than the GH5 which I tried out some weeks back?  Again, should get used to that pretty quickly.

I like all the function buttons being raised - no flush buttons like on the GX8.  Easy to feel all of them.  The drive mode dial beneath the exposure mode dial was easy to work, moderately stiff detents, which is good.  I like the locking button on the exposure mode dial.

I'm not sure how much I'll use the scroll wheel.  The four-way buttons were set solely as cursor buttons on the camera, but I dug into the menu and found that you can turn them on and set them to any of a huge number of functions.  I saw that those included ISO and WB (for anyone who would prefer to set them up like on most other Panasonic cameras).  I didn't think to look to see if exposure comp was an option for them, but I guess it should be available.  I didn't spend too much time looking around the new menu system.  Having a page of customizable menu items should be very nice.

With the PL 12-60, AFS seemed instantaneous.   I got home and tried my GX8, which is no slouch, but the G9 with that lens was definitely quicker.  I'm not sure how much real world difference that will make, but perhaps some.

The top LCD was mostly illegible to me without my reading glasses on, but I'll often have readers in my pocket when shooting.  It might be nice to have it, but it's not a big deal to me.  If it lures some dSLR shooters into MFT, fine.

I had already put in a pre-order for the G9.  Handling it just reinforced that decision in every single respect.  I'm really looking forward to it, even though it's not a GX9!

FWIW, here are a couple SOOC jpgs from inside the camera store.

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