K3-II, inconsistent results

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K3-II, inconsistent results

Hello All,

I spent this Saturday afternoon walking in my garden with the doggies, and took some pictures as usual.

When I went back to my desk, I opened the DNGs, and because sometimes I am not at all satisfied with the results, I went pixel-peeping.

And indeed, I got a sequence of two where the first is blurred, and the second is sharp.

This has NO rational explanation, given that they were both shot with the DA15 at f/8, one at 1/640, the second at 1/250.

I must say that many times I have been disappointed by the IQ I expect from such a camera. I asked myself if it was me shaking (I'm not THAT old!), if I mis-focused, if the SR is interfering, or what.

But how can this be the case with an ultra wide prime, at f/8 with fast shutter speeds?

Note also that the two pictures  show the same exposure even if they have more that one stop exposure between them.

I was told in another thread that a heat shock can let some oil on the blades, and produce inconsistent results in exposure. This summer I packed my gear on my motorcycle and drove 11 hrs at more than 35C. It was not a first class accommodation, but what can I do? buy a limo just to toss around my lenses?

Here are the two shots. I suggest you zoom 100% to see the difference in detail.

Thanks for your comments,


DA15, f/8, 1/640 - This is NOT OK

DA15, f/8, 1/250 - this is OK

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