Seeking suggestions for an online photo-sharing service

Started Nov 18, 2017 | Questions thread
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Seeking suggestions for an online photo-sharing service

TL;DR: I am looking for suggestions for an online photo service that will suit me. Looking for something that will come close to a great user-friendly photo-viewing experience.


I am interested in posting my photos online and possibly getting supporters, aka people donating some cash here and there for viewing/downloading them. Kind of like the Patreon website and perhaps many others I'm not aware of. I checked out Patreon and I am not too impressed with the way photo galleries are laid out there. Not at all.

But first, some background. I usually post photos on Facebook, and that has been suiting me extremely well... except the "not getting paid" part. On an occasion for super-special photos, I post them on my website (but there is a lot more work involved - resizing, making thumbnails, HTML etc), and also no pay.

I am also used to certain perks from different sites ... for Facebook the pros is that you get to:

  1. have your photos organized by albums as you upload them
  2. you can tag people in the photo and those you tag can go and see their photos

Cons are: quality of photos is okay but not great

Pros of my own site:

  1. I get to control pretty much anything and everything I want
  2. quality is as good as I make it

Cons: no tagging, you have to share the link directly with the people, I happen to upload my images manually, there is no software I found/acquired to do so for me.

Pros of Patreon so far:

  1. It supports hiding photos and unlocking photos for paid supporters only

Cons: Very bad set up photo-viewing-wise. i.e. you only see the single header photo and for any other photo you must click on individual links such as "IMGP0791.jpg" to download them, and there can be many photos like 20-50, and you cannot preview them beforehand.

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In the end. .. I am not sure if one can beat Facebook - that is an ultimate social and photo-sharing tool ... But I would like something where I can post photos easily, have okay quality and maybe allow some folks to chip in a few bucks.... but most of all, I want as ultimate photo-gallery-viewing experience as I could possibly get.

Is there anything like that out there?

I could also be missing the simpler things. Maybe I could just ask for "the few bucks" on Facebook?

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