Luminat 2018 Hotfix (1010) Ver 1.0.0 Broke or Fixed?

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Luminat 2018 Hotfix (1010) Ver 1.0.0 Broke or Fixed?

Well on my PC the hotfix completely broke the plugin version of Luminar 2018. Stand alone works within the so far included features, (less than the Mac version as promised, to be fleshed out over the next few months.

I'll post a few images of my experience.

First on the positive side a successful image showing a weak image brought to a useful state with the advanced processing power of Luminar 2018 in a stand alone form.

Before the (1010) Hotfix, (thats a minor but suggested to install update) the Plug in worked but used 5x as much memory as the two programs running in stand alone. But now in plugin I usually get this..

But sometimes it does shift the image to the Luminar 2018 plug in starting with this..

But after editing comes back replacing the layer as totally blank like this..

I'll paste in a commentary I made on their Support Forum, that is simply a Facebook page.

" Also I should add that this isn't a real support forum, its more of a one person at a time attention and answer forum. A real threaded support forum lets users address and confirm situations and helps each other solve or deal with the issues. And it reveals whether or not we are the only ones experiencing the issues we in particular are dealing with. I will also mention I sympathize with your staff working long hours to fulfill your vision, but the simple to solve things that should never got past QA like the program shortcut rejecting opening full screen, at least asking to save the file before exiting and loosing the work, well that is disappointing. There is a lot of commentary in the DPReview forums such as here but it leans toward negative since issues are not clustered and addressed by staff with temporary fix solutions."

By the way here is their Skylum Support page on Facebook:

Their Skylum Photography Facebook page:

Skylum Help Group that is just one of their featured artist Facebook support page with the attention of that artist:

Learn Skylum/Macphun's Luminar & Aurora HDR Facebook page:

To me this seems like a bit scatterbrained way to represent yourself and your offering. But maybe its just me...

Bugbait Stephen Casey

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