D850 - Why No 50mm Lenses Recommended by Nikon?

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Re: D850 - Why No 50mm Lenses Recommended by Nikon

bobn2 wrote:

That lens is about something else entirely. Nikon designed it to give very smooth bokeh, mainly in competition with the Canon 50/1.2 which has a reputation for pleasing bokeh. There is an extent to which the optical solutions which provide extreme resolution work against pleasing bokeh and some of the highest resolution lenses don't have acceptable bokeh, in some people's eyes.

Those would be my eyes you speak of. In general, I find pleasing bokeh in fast normal lenses to be very rare.

Among 50mm lenses: Canon 50/1.2 has pleasing bokeh in the very center of the picture, but gets uglier and uglier as you go from center to the edges of the frame. Same thing as Sigma 50/1.4. 50mm Nikkors are all bad when it comes to bokeh. Worst "modern" 50mm that I can think of was Zeiss 50/1.4 ZF (not the new Milvus). Of course, here I use the word "modern" very loosely since Zeiss 50mm was a 1970s lens in a modern barrel.

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