Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: dpreview comparisons: Are they kidding?

kiwi2 wrote:

rnclark wrote:

Your other posted image that you said was not 14 mm f/5: the exif data shown says 14 mm f/5:

14 mm f/5 in the exit data

I did?

Do you mind pointing out where I supposedly said that?

If you are just going to start making things up now, who knows what else you have just made up?

You said: "Well the 100D was 50mm f/5.6 = 8.9mm aperture"

But you have posted so many images, perhaps I misinterpreted which one it was.  And even i I did make a mistake regarding which image you were referring to, that doesn't mean everything else said is wrong.   I am fine with everyone checking and confirming what I said, but accusing someone of making things up is outrageous.  I've been trying to help you, but with an attitude like this, I'll no longer respond to you.


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