Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: If you want the best, a dedicated cooled CCD cameras are far better than all the DSLRs and ILCs

swimswithtrout wrote:

JimH123 wrote:

I have used many cameras for night sky imaging, but once I got a dedicated CCD camera, my opinions have changed. They are available in color or mono (I have both) and with the cooling, noise is greatly controled.

As an example using a mono Atik 460ex, here is one example of m27, the Dumbbell Nebula. This consists of 10 images stacked of 40 sec each taken with an Explore Scientific 102ed, a 4" objective with a focal length of 714mm. A camera like this far exceeds what any DSLR can do.

I totally agree !!!

But the OP and most everyone else here can't accept that fact. Unfortunately, 99.9 % of the users here think that "Astrophotography" is just a WA shot of the MW with a noisy foreground.

No comment - trying to be polite...

With the prices of all of the new CMOS based, cooled sensors, in 4/3 / APS-c format dropping down to less than the price of a FF camera. the day of the dSLR for AP is over.

No - not at all.

My Atik 490ex deliver clean images - but the image sensor is small (10x12.5mm) giving a limited field of view, and the dear little thing MUST be tethered to a computer.

In my case I love the standalone DSLRs - just put the camera with lens on a star tracker and let loose. Get a wider field as the image sensor is bigger, use modded cameras to capture more of that lovely Ha light faster. All is easy and convenient and relaxing.

And my DSLRs fit behind my telescopes too, just a turn and we are ready to go.

DSLRs need no tethering and no need for longer exposures to keep read noise down (my Atik noise level is 8e and the DSLRs are more like 2e).

My Atik is idle (at least for now) and my DSLRs are going strong...

The days of the DSLRs for astrophotography are not over...

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