Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: If you want the best, a dedicated cooled CCD cameras are far better than all the DSLRs and ILCs

kiwi2 wrote:

swimswithtrout wrote:

I totally agree !!!

But the OP and most everyone else here can't accept that fact. Unfortunately, 99.9 % of the users here think that "Astrophotography" is just a WA shot of the MW with a noisy foreground.

Ummm... "Let's suppose someone is interested in doing night sky photography (sky plus landscape foreground)"

As for me, doing deep sky astrophotography holds very little interest as images of those deep space objects are freely available online at much better quality than I would ever be able to achieve. So I don't see the point of spending large sums of money and time trying to pursue them. But if others want to, that's fine, that's their thing. We all have different tastes and interests. It would be a boring world if we didn't and all thought the same.

Actually, looking at online pictures of the objects is not that interesting.  It is the pursuit that is interesting.

Same could be said about climbing Mt Everest, since others have already done it and pictures exist of what it looked like.  For those into mountain climbing (not me), it is the pursuit that they are after.

Anyway, I have already spent the money on telescopes, mounts and various cameras.  So the money pain is now behind me.  What is fun is to actually capture for myself what I see that was taken with bigger telescopes.  I realize I can never equal what they can capture, but I can certainly see those objects.  Well, maybe not all the objects since Hubble can see things far, far beyond what I can see.

It is also nice to know that the state of home viewing with sensitive cameras gives us better views of the night sky than professionals had less than 100 years ago.  And their film cameras has no where near the sensitivity of today's cameras.

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