Simple Adaption of Cheap Shoemount

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Chaplain Mark
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Simple Adaption of Cheap Shoemount

Many of you know, standing a speedlight on a radio trigger reciever on a shoe mount can place the flashgun's beam off center in the umbrella....

Speedlight beam off-center in umbrella

So, instead of purchasing a horzontal mount umbrella adaptor plate in addition to my cheapo umbrella kit, I  modified the umbrella adaptor in my kit, to mount the speedlight parallel to the umbrella shaft, as the below photos show....

Small Phillips screwdriver to unfasten shoe mount from umbrella adaptor top plate

The top plate, ready for self-adhesive velcro...

The detached shoe mount, ready to retire to a drawer...

High-tack, self-adhesive velcro by 3M...

Velcro strips adhered across top plate...

Velcro strips adhered along side plate of speedlight

Speedlight securely mounted parallel to the umbrella shaft, with radio trigger reciever installed...

Here's the result of the better aim of the speedlight....

Aim could use some fine-tuning, but you get the idea...

Total project cost: $3.50 for good-quality 3M velcro strips and ten minutes of my precious time...!!

Hope this helps....

Thank You,
Chaplain Mark
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