Skills vs. Technology

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Skills vs. Technology

I promised myself do not post here on such matter. However, I still feel offended. Saying that skills can replace best new technology offerings is not right. What if I say that most of my action shots similar to this

were taken in AF-S mode with single point AF? Does it make me more skilled than the guy who shoots such things with AF-C all the time? To be honest I don’t remember exactly about this particular shot, but most of my similar action shots were performed at AF-S single point AF. I rarely used AF-C with K-5 and K-3. Why would I do it? Because Pentax AF-C did not work for me as I expected. And I had better keepers rate with very hard to shoot AF-S single point AF with 500mm prime. That was my choice. Does it make me “lazy shmuck”, how I was indirectly named here, that does not want to learn basics of photography and to perfect lousy AF-C? Following the logic of self-proclaimed skilled photographers, yes it is. Personally I don’t think so. I have my rights to utilize my gears in the most efficient for me way?

If I shoot most of my static scenes in Av and somebody else does it in full M, including manual focusing, does it makes him/her better photographer? I think it is stupid especially in dynamic wildlife shooting. Sorry. Should I keep Av mode for fast action shots, if I have an option to use TAv? Does shooting at TAv makes me worse photographer because I don’t challenge myself with M and Av modes just lazily compensate for TAv exposure only? I don’t think so.

The analogy with auto transmission vs. stick shift is also funny. However, people made a big deal out of it. My car is one of the methods of transporting me from point A to point B as fast and safe as possible. That is all. If I have a luxury of enjoying my car during this process, it is even better. Personally I don’t think that driving stick shift is safer. Yes, it gives more control. From other hand it becomes a nightmare in stop-and-go urban driving conditions. I prefer automatic transmission, preferably CVT, but paired with quick responsive turbocharged engine. Am I a lazy despised individual because of that? Should others respect me less for my choice?

Honestly, I don t care anymore. But it is funny to watch how some people overinflate themselves, stating that technology and progress are inferior to their skills. And most of us, feeling that we have been tricked here and that something is wrong, submissively let dominant alphas with big egos to lead.

In real life we need and benefit from both skills and technology.

Happy shooting to all,


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