Panasonic Camera Nightmare

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Panasonic Camera Nightmare

So i just wanted to share my disaster purchase of a camera from Amazon.

I purchased a LX100S, from Amazon.  It was sold by a marketplace seller, but the sale said it was fulfilled by Amazon.  The item description looked pretty straight forward, and it mentioned coming with the standard 1 year warranty from Panasonic.

When reviewing purchasing options, i had noticed that some of the listings mentioned that they were international versions of the camera.  Those that did typically were selling at a noticeable discount.  I opted to buy one  that was not listed as international.  I received the camera, and never noticed anything about it that would indicate it was not the regular US version of the camera.

Then i had to get warranty coverage.  I initiated the warranty coverage from Panasonic's website.  To do so, i had to provide the model number and serial number of the camera, proof of purchase, my info, etc.  They gave me a reference number, and instructions.

I sent the camera in to them and then waited.  It took several weeks to hear back from them.  I increasingly worried during this time, because i never received any email confirmation from them at all about this, and to date never have (i was told in my last phone conversation, when i asked them to confirm my email, that i had never provided one.  i pointed out that the webform requires you to enter the email  address twice for verification).  I also could not find any way to enter the reference number on their website, and when i logged in, and clicked on the link for open repair authorizations, it said there were none.  When i finally heard from them, they simply told me that it was not a US version of the camera, and therefore had no warranty (unless i had purchased a "worldwide  warranty".   They further said that even if i wanted to repair the camera at  my own  expense,  they could not, as they don't have the right parts at the US repair facility.  The only option would have been to pay a replacement  cost for giving me a new US version.  I was unable to get the rep to tell me what this would cost.

At this point, i tried communication with both the Marketplace Seller that i had purchase from, and with Amazon.  I get next to no help  from the seller, he didn't answer any of my questions.  Amazon,  in an online  chat,  told me they would waive the normal 30-day return window and allow me to return it for a full refund.  But at this point i would have to wait for Panasonic to mail  the camera back to me, then turn around and mail  it back to Amazon.  I submitted a complaint to the Washington State Attorney Generals's Office, which handles consumer complaints in the State.  They forwarded my complaint to Amazon, and i received an email from someone at Amazon.  This person told me that since it was past 30 day return window, i would not get a full refund.  I would only get a partial, and did not tell me how much.  I exchanged several emails with this person, who never once acknowledged or seemed to care that i had received a camera that was not the version i paid for,  and that it advertised a warranty that it did not have.  And this person flatly said each time that i would not get a full refund.

I spoke again yesterday and today with someone on Amazon's online chat, who each reiterated that yes i would receive a full refund, but it would take time.  From that start of all this to the time i hopefully will get a refund, will be probably over a month and a half.

I also tried to leave a product review on Amazon.  I pointed out that although it doesn't say it in the description, it is for the international  version.  I also pointed out the incorrect information of the warranty.  Amazon sent me an email telling me that it rejected my review and would not post it.  I had put some negative comments about Amazon in the review, so i removed those and tried to focus strictly on the incorrect information about the product.  This review again was rejected.  So unfortunately it leaves you no way to alert unsuspecting future buyers to this problem.  And it makes me worry about buying other products from Amazon...  what other negative information are they keeping from you.

Buy from a reputable place,  like B&H or elsewhere.

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