How bad do you miss IS in the XT-20?

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Re: How bad do you miss IS in the XT-20?

baobob wrote:

A good reason to promote IBIS paradoxically is not with XT2 but with the cheaper bodies allowing built of smalle lighter cheaper lenses

Whether or not Fuji will go in that direction ? just wait ...

IBIS is attractive for 3rd party lenses

It's effective for any lens w/o OIS, and a pain but it works for non-communicating lenses (one always has to remember to input the FL of the current lens just mounted).

Canik never implemented IBIS

I woldl be interested to have a comparative study about IBIS non IBIS with OIS FL to check how many stops you get in boith technologies

That goes by camera model or brand.   Some of us have done this already with other cameras.   OIS logically has the edge (more so for longer focal lengths), but IBIS has come a long way. . . I was using an E-M1 with a 100-400 with OIS, and the conclusion I reached was that IBIS was just as good, and I stopped using OIS with that lens.    Just because I didn't want to confuse myself when I would mount a lens that didn't have OIS, so I went IBIS all the way.

Later I was using Sony, which is different in that if a lens has OIS then IBIS would handle some of the movement, and the lens would compensate for other aspects of movement.

So, IBIS technologies will differ, as well how effective IBIS is for any individual.   How many stops advantage I'd get would vary (depending on lens, subject, and how I was feeling that day), but on average I'd say 2 stops were enough and very welcome.   We'll just have to see how effective Fuji's IBIS will be touted to be, and how that translates into practical usage.   I can't see them implementing it if it's not going to be effective (not after their past posture against incorporating IBIS).

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