Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

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Re: Best DSLR or ILC for Night Sky Imaging?

rnclark wrote:

Just to be clear, the dpreview comparison above is more about the changing lenses used than the sensor. DPreview changes focal length while keeping f-ratio constant. That means lens aperture area changes between cameras, thus the light delivered to the sensor is changing, and that means the amount of photon shot noise is different due to the lens, not the sensor.

Download the images and look at the exif to see what focal lengths and f-ratios were used. The Sony 7RII is full frame, so the use the longest focal length and largest aperture area.

Well the 100D was 50mm f/5.6 = 8.9mm aperture

7Rll was 55mm f/5.6 = 9.8mm aperture

X-T2 was 56mm f/5.6 = 10mm aperture

So I tried a bit of an experiment tonight with the same ISO and exposure time and focal length and f-ratio/aperture between the Fuji and Canon. (35mm f/4.5, ISO 6400) Partly cloudy and was shooting at a few gaps between the clouds. Pretty awful night really with poor seeing. But just wanted to see if noise would be the same according to your it's only aperture that counts theory.

Just 100% crops of the camera produced jpgs...

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