Weird Photography Habits

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Weird Photography Habits

Do any of you have strange/quirky/weird habits that are unique to you regarding photography, or oddball preferences regarding photography?

1. I buy the Nikon version of everything, even if the competitor is better or cheaper. I own the Nikon lens pen, lens cloth, lens fluid, lens caps, etc. I actually prefer my old gray LensPen, it's cheaper and has a cap for the brush so dust doesn't get in, but I just like having everything in my bag say Nikon for some reason and not be a mishmash of 50 different manufacturers. If I shot on Canon I'd do the same.

2. My bags and backpacks all fit into one unifying color scheme, black/gray, with optional red highlights. I don't buy bags or cases that break this color scheme.

3. I don't label my SD cards. Call me crazy - I don't want to permanently mark high gig Pro Class 10 SD cards. I just remember their slot in my case.

4. I completely disregard the cataloging function of Lightroom. After I edit my photos I delete them from Lightroom completely and reset my preferences - backing up the DNGs to an external drive.

5. I like to have a few drinks as I edit, usually beer or wine. Just an old pastime of mine.

6. I reset my File Naming on my camera for each shoot - so each shoot starts with DSC_0001.

There it is. I'm a hack, stone me to death.

What are your weird photography habits?

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