Comparing the M240 to the Fuji XPro 2 -P1 OVF/EVF

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Comparing the M240 to the Fuji XPro 2 -P1 OVF/EVF

I picked up an XPro 2 late last week and have been carrying it around with the Leica and comparing. I’ll use this thread along with anyone else who wants to comment to share my notes on the experiences.

The XPro 2 seems like a cool camera at first. Surprisingly it’s a little larger than the M but a little lighter. If your getting the itch to get the Fuji, I highly encourage you to slow down and check into some feedback from others. While I know a lot of people despise Ken Rockwell, his commentary on the XPro 2 is spot on and very insightful into the pros and cons for the Fuji.

The hybrid VIewFinder is cool, but it’s not all that great. The OVF is not very big and if you use the sudo video based patch it’s a little awkward to see video overlays on the OVF. In bright scenes it can get tuff to use.  Also I found the video based path seemingly off centered making its use a bit awkward.

While it’s nice to have the EVF come up without having to add it physically to the camera, the EVF on the Fuji seems vastly inferior to the EVF2 for the Leica.

As cool as the concept of a hybrid OVF is, it’s just not all that spectacular in real usage. The Fuji EVF often lacks brightness and is frustrating at times. You can manually change the brightness, but heck, that just ruins the fluidity of the shooting experience.

I give this aspect between the two cameras a lot of weight since the OVF/EVF is so critical to the shooting experience. Focus peaking is easier to see on the Fuji EVF when your not having an EVF brightness issue. The Rangefinder patch on the Leica blows away the video patch unless you are zooming.

The rear display on the Fuji has a higher quality display when using both liveview and looking at pictures in playback mode.

As far as framelines, the Fuji gets an advantage for manual programming allowing you to set any focal length lens you want. Down side is you only have 6 slots to store them I believe.

The upshot of having the OVF/EVF is that it’s easy to change modes on the fly with the Fuji. With the Leica you really need to take the EVF2 off to use the Rangefinder window.

Today for example, I had the 15mm Voigtlander on the M. I deliberately left all other adapters and the EVF home and decided to see what life was like. The view is so wide it’s impossible to accurately guess the outer edges of the picture. That said, I just started using the rear screen for composition after setting focus through the Rangefinder.

Setting exposure comp is just way easier on the Leica, as well as ISO.

The Leica adheres more to the pure photography experience as a result of all this than the Fuji which has a funky menu system.

Both Systems suffer from glare making it hard to see, focus and compose.  I find myself wanting a third arm and hand for both cameras at time to shield my eye and the shield the lens.

Stay tuned for Part 2 over the next week or so.

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