Q: Color space: Adobe RGB or sRGB, does it matter for raw files?

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Re: Q: Color space: Adobe RGB or sRGB, does it matter for raw files?

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No one here has mentioned LAB color space. I process all my pictures in LAB color and then convert them back to RGB in a color space that my printer prefers which is usually sRGB. I like LAB color because it is much easier to adjust color with a separate Lightness channel and paired color spaces, magenta/green and blue/yellow.

There are no Lab capture or Lab output devices for one. In PS blend/luminosity provides the same effect in RGB.

Lab is a form of RGB

Agree, but only if you allow the usual order of the application of nonlinearities to be reversed.

Or you can say that it is not, just the normalization that follows the non-linear operation is different, more complex. ICC profile rules allow to construct very funny RGB spaces.

YCrCb, YIQ, and YUV, too.

I wouldn't say that CIEL*a*b* is an RGB color space without qualifying the statement somehow, since the conventional use of the term is such that the linear versions of RGB color spaces are one matrix multiplication away from each other.


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