Test, glass Good enough for D850 !

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Test, glass Good enough for D850 !

Important, this writing will contain hyperbole's and big words that is only related to a image that is about 6,2ft wide. If one only see whole pictures at computers or small prints as A2 or A1 this writing is not very relevant and the reader should skip this thread unless pixel peeping is of interest. I usually print 40-63" wide pictures so this have a relevance for my printings and i just share here my findings.

My Conclusion is that i am unlikely to buy another high mp FX camera as lenses stands today. Even if a "D5s 60mp 20fps with hybrid viewfinder" comes along.  Because few lenses will keep up with a 60mp sensor. Another point is that the prices of lenses for FX have become so high that i am considering a MF for landscape, if one look at Fuji GFX today the lenses are at the same cost as CaNikon, but the sensor is 68% larger and 2x the mp and vastly better noise performance when the 100mp comes next year.

I did not include my Tamron 24-70 Zooms, i have both G1 &G2, but they are not even close to be included, they  are downright unsharp and i don't think they even yield half the mp of the sensor. (but remember there are no sharp 24-70 in the market at all)

In my Nikon 70-200/f2.8 FL review i posted comparisons to the Tamron 70-200 VC G1, and the Nikon is clearly sharper, and here compared to the 14 year old Nikon 200/f2 the 70-200/f2.8 FL lens is beaten, but how good glass do one need to utilize fully a D850 ?

left, Nikon 85 TS, center of frame.

Left side

Nikon`s, in lower left corner, the 200/f2 is waaay sharper than the 70-200 FL

Center of frame.

@f5,6 both Nikons are close to perfect even in top right corner, they are equal here.

Tamron does not frame 200mm, here compared to the Nikon 70-200/f2.8E FL

A favorable spot for comparing the Tamron as it have some uneven sharpness in the frame.

But it generally looks like this against the Zeiss 135/f2

Honorable mentions, Sig 50A and Nik 400/f2.8 is also sharp, almost as Zeiss. If one is using Tamron zooms or Nikon 70-200/f2.8 VR2 (or Nikon 24-70 zooms) one is better to stick to the older 36mp sensors until one have updated to the new Nikon 70-200FL lens, and/or other good primes, as one can see over here anything but the very best is diminishing returns for those who upgrade from D800`s to a D850. Money will absolutely yield more if one bought better glass on a D800/810 than to only upgrade to an D850 without getting/having the very best lenses that exist.

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