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bs1946 wrote:

If you go with a $30 bag, most likely a Chinese no-name brand, odds are good it won't last and probably fail at the worst possible time.

To me, the three most important things in getting a backpack are how well the harness works and how comfortable it is to wear, can I configure the bag to work for what I want to use it for, and build and design quality. If you have access to camera stores, outdoor stores or luggage stores; go there and actually try the stuff out.

I have been wavering over this very issue: cost versus quality. Is a bag that is $60 any less of a bag that is $200? Yes, one could and should be able to check these out, but, not all of us have access to the brick and mortar store that would help move the process along and not have to post a question in this forum asking for advice. Can you believe that metro Chicago has one real camera store that sells Fuji X system cameras and lenses? Thankfully, it is close enough to me that it is only a 30 minute drive. However, I feel very guilty going into a store and looking/trying on the merchandise and not buying it if I don't like it.

One of the previous posts in response to my travel gear questions was to recommend a "kickstarter" like company's backpack. I went to the suggested website and quickly got lost thinking I was on the Peak Design website - the promotional videos were almost exactly the same down to the narrative in selling their wares. I liked the bag, and was immediately concerned that the company was some small'ish company that isn't even close to the size of Peak Design - 2015 or 2016 sales of $14 million. My concern for the longevity of this new brand was the issue. Another issue is that with the backpack that they are selling for $200, there are a couple of inserts that I have no use for (the laptop/tablet sleeve and an internal carrying case that turns into a mini-messenger). Would I pay $125 for the backpack alone, maybe, but then the company's history and possible issue with its short life become too much of a worry. FYI - the cost that they placed on the backpack "system" was substantially higher than what it is today.

Alas, I will continue my search and still suffer from the $60 vs. $200 dilemma. As I have said previously, I am leaning toward the $60 cost and adding think tank like inserts to design it the way it will fit my needs - if only I knew what those were.

I am also having troubles pulling the trigger on a tripod...UGH!

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