Nik Collection not free anymore?

Started Nov 16, 2017 | Discussions thread
richdm Regular Member • Posts: 316
Re: Nik Collection not free anymore?

Mark9473 wrote:

richdm wrote:

stormyboy wrote:

You can download the free version here using the second email box.

I must be missing it. All I see is a "Discover" button that leads to a page that contains a "Try" button or a "Buy" button. Don't see anywhere to download a free version.

There's only a few sentences on that page; read all of them. (hint: you went too far)

Okay, figured it out.

My "uBlock Origin / Toggle Cosmetic Filtering for this Site" was preventing me from seeing the email boxes you mentioned.  And I was sitting here like "WHAT email boxes?!"

Thanks for your help!

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