A couple of questions regarding the A9 and A7Riii?

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Re: A couple of questions regarding the A9 and A7Riii?

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There are loads of both resolutions available for download - your problem will be the same even if you own the camera. Your best screen cannot show 24MP never mind 42MP.

A super sharp 4K image is only 8MP.

So unless you zoom in a lot all other things being equal they’ll look identical.

Very true!

I ALWAYS look at all my photos at 42MP at 100% magnification. It gives me a great joy. I don't consider that "pixel peeping", cause you don't see individual pixels. Pixel peeping starts at 200% or 300% magnification.

If you don't watch your photos at 100% but only on a screen size, then it's a waste. Get an 8MP pixel camera, and probably a 4MP would do too.

I usually don’t have nearly enough time for that although I can understand the voyeuristic fascination with seeing tiny little details that you totally missed when shooting.

It really depends on your needs.

In my experience 20+ MP is far more than I need and it keeps picture file sizes manageable.

And yes even at that resolution the bulk of the data is simply thrown away whenever you print or share the image or display it on a screen.

For me it’s much more important that an image be in focus otherwise I simply end up with tons of megapixels of useless crap.

True! Capture One has this cool feature, where you can apply the Loupe to your preview image strip (at 100% 200%) so you can quickly check a range of photos and delete them without having to open any first.

That's a nice feature for sure but my problem with large MP images is the sheer amount of space required to simply store each one and how much it slows down virtually everything that you subsequently want to do with them.

Not my experience. How much does a 2TB hard drive cost these days? I store all my raws on an external drive.

Also depends on what raw processor you use. LR is notoriously slow. C1 is much faster. You could also do initial processing in C1 and then export 24MP files for further fine tuning, if that fits your work flow better.

JPEG is a lossy compression format and that's where most of the images end up these days.

That's true. My friends look at the photos on their mobile devices, or if I get really lucky on a tablet....

I'd pick the A9 over the A7riii any day - even for (dare I say it here?) landscapes!

Not me. I have zero interest in A9 and I prefer A7riii and even A7rii - most especially for landscapes. You never know when you get that one killer shot that you want to print 30x40 inch, and with sharpest corners possible.

Interesting conversation.

So presumably you are saying that you want to stand and pour over the fine details with a magnifying glass on this particular shot?

Yes! I do same in museums with old paintings, if I have the opportunity.

Or rather would it hang on a wall somewhere and be viewed in its entirety from several feet away?

No - people never watch from several feet away. They always walk straight up to the art works, in every museum in the world you can observe this.

Put another way, does the composition of this photo matter or only the amount of fine detail?

Of course the composition matters. Do you think you would have gotten a better composition with a lower resolution camera?

At least in my mind the answer to that question gets to the root of the problem.

To my mind too, even if we come to opposite conclusions

PS: I think we agree that there is no right or wrong in this matter, just different preferences and viewing habits.

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