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Dutch John III wrote:

The down side: noise becomes a problem in the higher ISO-ranges.

I think it's very manageable until 1600, as long as you don't underexpose too much.

Shooting RAW and using something like DxO Prime NR does wonders too. I have always been surprised how clean high ISO shots with Oly cameras are, of course there is a limit, and not so much the noise but the loss of detail that becomes a problem.

The menu is somewhat complicated,

True, it requires a bit more time to get familiar with. Complicated, yes, different than Canon or Sony etc, yes, but downside? I guess you get a lot of options.

Seems like Olympus listened to complaints and dumbed down Mark III. Me... I prefer something complex, but more capable!

it's a pity that the screen isn't fully movable.

No. Maybe a disadvantage for selfie shooters.

The electronic viewfinder is OK, but can and should be better and faster.

Mark II has a "better" EVF. Faster, not sure, speed of the EVF hasn't been a problem for me. I think there is a setting to increase the frame rate - have you invoked that?

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