Considering a change from SmugMug to PhotoDeck

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Considering a change from SmugMug to PhotoDeck

DISCLAIMER - I gain nothing from this post except the input I get from this group. I started my business back in 2014. One of the things I quickly realized was that I needed a way to fulfill print orders AND photo licenses. I used Squarespace in the first year and loved their overall capabilities. I was using a separate fulfillment site (via Fine Art America) and ultimately want pleased with the UI of FAA and the fact that it wasn't all under one site. I went through trials of most of the larger sites such as Zenfolio and SmugMug and ultimately landed on SmugMug.

Fast forward a year or so and my renewal for SM was coming up and I felt like I wanted a refresh. My site gets a decent amount of new visitors per day (higher when I am running Facebook/IG ads) but my conversion rate is too low. I attribute that to a few things…Higher priced prints to offset the 15% that SM takes (even from digital downloads) and the somewhat outdated feel of SM. Fast forward to a week ago where I decided to peel back things with PhotoDeck. One of my favorite photographers suggested them and after checking out his site, I dove in. I have emailed back and forth with PD since my trial started and have uncovered A LOT of things that may be helpful.

Here are a few:

SmugMug vs. PhotoDeck:

- SmugMug is already set up and in place for me.

- With SM you can crop photos in shopping cart - opens up more options for print sizes. PD only displays image sizes available. This is a negative to me. Say I have a 10x30 image in my portfolio and someone wants an 8x10 of it. Can’t do that with PD. Also, I crop a fair amount in Lightroom and rarely is it a standard size.

- I can remove branding from both sites with Pro plans. **Can remove branding from shopping cart/emails for another $72/year with PD. SM still has that ugly green format (no matter which plan you are on).

- Metal prints are not available through PD via WHCC. They are gorgeous through SmugMug/Bay Photo.

- The buy button in SmugMug is blatantly (sometimes ugly) obvious. It’s not prevalent in the PD setup (in any of the gallery settings I have seen).

- SM takes 15% of profit. PD takes 0%.

- PD mobile is cleaner than SM.

- PD FEELS cleaner/fresher. SM still feels outdated. - Licensing options are better and more thorough in PD. SM is relatively basic.

- Lightroom plug-ins exist for both sites.

- No live support for PD. Live chat available for SM.

I’d love some feedback from folks here, either on the two options I’ve covered or input on another option. Thanks!

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