A couple of questions regarding the A9 and A7Riii?

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Re: A couple of questions regarding the A9 and A7Riii?

OddJobPrime wrote:

WGPhotography wrote:


Also, if the answer to the above is yes, it makes me think that the A7Riii might be an option as hopefully the colours will be like the A9. The A7Riii will be cheaper than the A9, but also more suitable for me as I don't shoot burst a lot at all, however I do shoot a mix of landscapes, events and portraits.

I have had better luck with skin tones for OOC JPEGs with the A9 over the A7RII. For me, this has made event (and sports) photography post-processing much less of a chore with the A9 as I use the JPEGs as a starting point 95% of the time whereas with the A7RII I always needed to use the RAW files.

If you do a lot of event photography I would recommend the A9 regardless due to its implementation of the electronic shutter (no light banding, no rolling shutter skewing). I can put myself right beside videographers (literally inches away from their cameras) and shoot away to my heart's content with out a sound and in difficult lighting under which I would not be able to use the A7RII silent shutter. From what I understand so far, the A7RIII implementation will be the same as that of the A7RII.

For event photography I reach for the A9 over the A7RII without hesitation. I have never needed the extra resolution for any deliverable so far. But that's just me.

It’s not just you

40+ MP is already massive overkill. Perhaps that’s why Sony said enough already in this regard.

A 4K screen shows 8MP images.

The A9 ticks all my boxes!

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