Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: "crippled" is not absolute

Jim in Hudson wrote:

LightBug wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

LightBug wrote:

Most people do not need lightning fast AF tracking to capture what they need, so I can see how you have upset people with the strong wording in the title.

I have K-S2 and Sigma HSM II 50-150mm, and it captures my son fine in his 6-and-under soccer matches. So count me in as one that feels Pentax AF is sufficient for my needs.

If we call Pentax AF crippled just because it cannot track fast diving birds, can we call Nikon or Canon image quality crippled because they do not offer pixel shift for still objects?

I think there is market for cameras with fast AF tracking and for cameras with good image quality. Pentax's main draw for me has always been value for the money on the image quality front, so for people that feel current Pentax AF tracking is sufficient or not needed, a flagship with better image quality but same or incrementally improved AF tracking would still be a nice upgrade.


I don't see how pixel shift can be compared to AF. Pixel shift provides an incremental increase in resolution that can best be seen under high magnification. An out-of-focus image is just bad no matter what.

Everything is relative. Not everyone has same set of requirements or needs.

Most would agree Pentax autofocus is fine for static objects. It is only behind others in tracking, which most people not taking pictures of fast moving action or wild lives do not care, or care enough to pay $1800 for a body alone.

Now Pentax, Olympus and Sony all offer pixel shift, so for people that crave fine details, would other brands not be considered as behind the curve or “crippled” on this fine detail image quality metric?

Can you find anyone who will categorically say a Nikon D810/850 is "crippled" when it comes to image quality? Besides, what percentage of images are taken of completely static subjects and with a tripod? It has to be a very small subset of photos that can truly benefit from pixel shift... as has been mentioned many times in this forum.

The bigger question might be whether one needs or even wants a DSLR if all you care about is AF-S and static subjects.


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