Dear Nikon

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Dear Nikon

Dear Nikon,

I know you are reading. I hope you are listening too. This thread is a recurring theme here at DPReview but I hope repeated exposure will help reinforce its message in your thick skull.

This year (2017) you gave us one (only one) prime lens to lust after (the 28mm f1.4E). One! Really?!?

Would you please consider giving us:

1. An updated 14mm (or a new 15mm) f2.8.
2. An updated 50mm f1.4.
3. An updated 135mm f2.
4. An updated 180mm f2.8.
5. An updated 200mm f4 macro.
6. A new 400mm f5.6.
7. Updated versions of the 24mm, 45mm and 85mm PC.

It's a bit silly that in 2017 that for these focal lengths the only Nikon lenses that we can put on your (otherwise outstanding) flagship DLSRs are still screw-driven AF lenses with optical designs dating back from the 90s, don't you think?

And I assure you it can be done, your friends Zeiss and Sigma are the proof of that. They are my new friends too and I love playing with them.


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