Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Huh. I've Always Wanted to Try a K3-II!

As someone who's never shot Pentax, I've long wondered whether the K-3ii might be one of the best deals in "serious" photography, for a few years running, now.

I've often thought of trying one.

So far as I've read around the net, consensus on any "AF problem" seems to center around third party lens compatibility more than any other particular deficiency--Sigma's fast "ART" zooms seem to be a particular sore spot. But that doesn't read like much of a dig, to me. The Sigma "ART" zooms are notoriously prickly on Canon and Nikon, too. Besides, if I were jumping into Pentax, I'd be doing it in part because of Pentax's own unique and interesting optics--like the DA Limited primes, or the 20-40 zoom. Or the high-value lenses, like the DA 35mm f/2.4 AL and DA 50mm f/1.8 which also get high performance marks, and can be had for, what, $100 a pop? That's fantastic.

The Nikon D500 costs more than twice as much as the K-3ii. That alone, I think, excludes it from being a subject of a reasonable comparison. And unless you're interested in an 18-something slow consumer zoom, Nikon really wants you to buy FX lenses for it--they've never committed to a crop-sensor lens system the way Pentax has.

Instead of swinging way up-market, why not ask: how does the K-3ii stack up against other $800-ish camera bodies out there? I think it's pretty solid. Micro 4/3 and Fuji options in that bracket would get you 4K video, but you'd lose Pentax durability & weather sealing. In m4/3's case you'd have to put up with the smaller sensor and lower resolution; with Fuji you'd have to deal with X-Trans, which Adobe still hasn't really figured out. (That's a marked contrast with Pentax, which can shoot right to DNG!) And with Fuji you'd lose in-camera sensor stabilization of every lens, along with interesting sensor-shift modes.

Maybe this is just my outsider's ignorance talking, but the K-3ii just doesn't strike me as inferior to its price-bracket competition. (Nor does the K-1, for that matter.) It's just a question of what features you want. Looking in from the outside, it appears to win the class hands down, so long as your video needs are casual and you find the unique Pentax DA lens set appealing.

Geez, from where I sit it seems like a K-3 ii with a DA 35mm f/2.4AL prime would shoot the pants off an Olympus E-M5ii / 25mm f/1.8 m.zuiko, for a few hundred dollars less--and I say that as a pretty enthusiastic Olympus shooter!

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