How do you quickly and efficiently organize many photos in LR?

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Re: How do you quickly and efficiently organize many photos in LR?

Joachim B wrote:

First of all, don't shoot thousands of photos...

and then:

Easy to say, don't shoot too many. But we're not all taking 200 shots of a guy holding a disco ball. Maybe, as in the example, it's a studio shoot. Maybe it's a wedding. Maybe it's another event. At any rate, there are diverse subjects in an event shoot. You might only have two shots of one particular item from the event. You might have a hundred.

The youtube tutorial does present some useful information. His process is similar to mine in that he rejects the duds first, then goes through the rest for comparison. And the comparison window is useful there. He uses pick (and reject) flags, stars, and colors. I generally make do with just colors. Neither way is "right", they're just different ways of doing it. I would guess that using flags, stars and colors for different things would be best, but in the end it's what works for you.

The type of events I shoot include people at a podium speaking, group shots, gatherings, presentations, still lifes of objects, and candid shots of individuals. For me, the topic that seems to gather the most shots that have to be compared is the person at the podium. When speaking, people make the most amazing faces. Some are much worse than others. There are two or three people for whom I have to use high frame rates and do long bursts. 50-100 shots are common for those people. 3-shot bursts don't seem to hack it for those people.

Also, for group shots I find high speed bursts valuable, particularly when speedlights are being used. It allows the blinking people to recover.

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