Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

Started Nov 14, 2017 | Discussions thread
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If adding DC/PLM/etc to the DA Ltds bulks them up then I am not interested. For me they work perfectly fine for my shooting (which is not a lot of action shots) and I really like the small size.

For a longer, faster lens that is already big, sure, go for it.

On the edge, if they re-did the FA Ltds as DFA lenses (e.g., lose the aperture ring, new coatings, rounded aperture blades) they could benefit from DC/PLM motors assuming no great increase in size.

The choice of different horses for different courses works for me.


Greyser wrote:

To me as a system Pentax has three major problems:

  • well known AF issues (ancient screw drive, lousy target acquisition, AF inconsistency, not sufficient tracking, noise, excessive lens hunting, and so on)


Pentax lost momentum when came out with faulty SDM drive and never recovered from it. Now they need years and tons of money to refine new DC, PLM, etc. motors, redesign lenses, develop and implement new tracking algorithms, etc.

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