Can you use any Canon Ef Super Teles on the M100?

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Re: Can you use any Canon Ef Super Teles on the M100?

Got the M100 and it's clearly designed for light weight lenses. M6 or M5 are far more usable with adapter and heavier lenses. Even with native EF-M telezooms it looks a bit "odd".

Though, the M100 is a terrific camera, especially with the 22mm. It's very small, light, easy to use and efficient. And it's really fun to use. It only lacks raw-bracketing to me for everyday use, but you can do in-camera HDR (though I'm not a fan of that processing).

Still, if you want more "pro" control, the M6 would be a better choice... and it's quite small too. Built quality is also much better.

Concerning AF and IQ it's a no-brainer.

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