Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Let's stop here, guys

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

Greyser wrote:

I had no intention of hurting anyone feelings. I still love my Pentax gear outside of wildlife shooting. However, the chasm between top of the line AF performers and Pentax AF is so deep and wide that I snapped, I guess, remembering all my missed shooting opportunities.

Good luck and happy shooting

Have you really never noticed how hard it is to push the internet genie back into the bottle?

I'm sure the chasm you speak of is real, however the fact that other manufacturers have solved these problems means it's not impossible for Pentax to solve them too. Here's hoping that they're working on it right now.

You'll never observe any progress if you're stuck thinking of the last decade's ancient screw drivelenses, and ignore the recent ones


But I have also been using nothing but screw-driven AFD lenses on my Nikon, with great AF/C  results.....Why can't my Pentax DSLR do the same? IMO, it's not just the lenses that make the difference, the body has a big part as well.

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