Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Using automation so I can spend time on the artistic side photography

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

edwinD wrote:

I take photos with a Pentax K5 and K10, why? Because I have shot photos with Pentax since 1966. I am happy with my results, I don't care about fast AF after all my SV1 or Spotmatic didn't have AF. Didn't have much really but took great photos.

We are caught up too much with automation and not spending enough time with the artistic side.

I hear this lots but automation gives you the luxury to focus more on the other components of photography. The more I can hand off to the camera and rely on the camera to complete the tasks I delegated thru my setup of the camera, the better it is for me to focus on what I want from that scene.

Not having to determine a DOF for shooting where I also have to include as a buffer to take account of any AF errors, this in its self opens up a wider plate for me to choose from for the image I have in my mind for that scene.

With accurate continuous AF it also affords me the opportunity to pick critical times in wildlife photography where I only have a single chance to capture a behaviour. The very simple act of having an animal walk towards you while you are shooting at very close distances with shallow DOF was always challenging for me with pentax with a very low success rate that bordered on pure luck along with the use of frame rate.

The more I have found that I can rely on AF the more freedom it has given me in a lot of what I photograph, right down to macro photography.

This year I really stop using a tripod and macro rail and solely relied on AFC for handheld macro work. Talk about freedom to focus on the artistic side to photography.

Very well said. It supports perfectly what I'm trying to say here.

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