Would this be against the rules?

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Re: Would this be against the rules?

LSI_CameraGuy wrote:

I like the idea and add one more. What about renting/borrowing. I'm sure many of us would like to use a specific lens for just a few days either for a singular event or maybe to test before buying. I have used BorrowLens and they charge quite a bit and shipping alone is another $35

Nice idea but thats I kind of service which is more complicated then you think.

How do you get an item from a to b what will insurance/ transportation cost to do that, how save will it be to deal with individuals instead of known companies ?


Not sure how others would feel about lending out lenses and I say this w/o having much to lend. Maybe folks don't want to deal with damaged/nicked items. I guess I'm just trying to find a less expensive way to rent lenses.

Anyhow all forums have an intended usage which you can find on the forum headers.

Suggestions/ ideas best could be send to the DPR staff by using the feedback options, moderators cannot make other forums or changes in policies.

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