Umbrellas and continuous lighting

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Re: I don't understand

Swift One wrote:

I read somewhere that constant light renders a different effect (exposure) than a speedlight concerning shutter speed. Something along the lines that a shutter may be set up for 1/200 and a flash may only be 1/1000. And constant light is, well, always on. I don’t know if there is any merit to this as I have only read this theory from one singular writer. So, I thought I would ask. To me, light spill from an umbrella- weather it’s constant or for only 1/1000 sec would be the same when the photo is taken. Thanks for the rest of the information BTW.

What makes the result difference is the size of the light, the spread of the light, the pattern of the light, etc (if the distance and final exposure is the same, AND no ambient light difference between those 2 light and setting).

Usually what makes people think the continues light is different is that it needs slower shutter speed that ambient light (room light, etc) take part or "contaminate" in the exposure. So its not a fair comparison anymore.

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