Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Well said....

robbo d wrote:

To expand on a few area's that you talk about:

Pentax image quality from aps-c is actually more than enough for 90% of needs.

As I have recently noted, that 16mp K5iis image quality with a nice piece of glass blown up to A1 from a slightly cropped image was excellent. ... so 16 mp was excellent in all reality for MOST peoples needs.

The DR of that sensor is still competitive.

The lens system of Pentax aps-c is one of the best.

Screw drive is a little noisy, but more so to the user, not so much the nearby crowd at a wedding etc.

I had a sub contractor using 5D mk 2 & 3 with L lenses supply jpegs from a wedding ..... and well quite frankly the files where no better than my Pentax ones if in fact even as good.

AF-C and absolute lens speed is a well known area where Pentax is below the opposition but seldom in real use for 90% of users a major stumbling block to obtaining decent keepers, while I do understand people wanting Nikon for sports and BIF use if they are looking at investing in a system.

The size, value for $$ and quality of Pentax products for obtaining most shots makes for a very good argument.

Solidly well built gear that can stand weather and a knock for a pro or photo journalist leaves me thinking that a K5/K3 makes a huge amount of sense with a WR lens in portability.

There is a whole lot made of small differences, which for some people means more or less in real terms.

As a "part time pro" wedding shooter etc ..... would I choose Pentax from scratch ? not sure now ....... but as I was heavily invested and despite a few of my own short comings, I am now getting better and better results.

The cost of my gear and the results means that i'm getting excellent value for money and clients never ask if I shoot with a 1Dx ..... etc

Many very good photos in your gallery and you have done respectably in the challenges. Obviously your reasons to be satisfied with your Pentax are quite valid.

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