Lighting for events with low light and stage LEDs

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Re: Lighting for events with low light and stage LEDs


First off, great photos on your site. You and your photographers are awesome.

I'm amazed you're getting your shots with bare flash (no modifiers) during these table shots. But I agree with you, the simpler the better. And thanks for bringing up the Godox flashes. I've seen them but haven't researched them, so I'm doing that now.

Thanks again for your advice.

NottsPhoto wrote:

howboutit wrote:

NottsPhoto, thank you for the detailed step-by-step.

Great advice. You're right, I shouldn't have compensated the flash. I thought I would be softening up the image by not having hotspots, but in doing so, further limited the flash output.

Step ladder, bigger flash (ie 600 EXII RT), WB for flash, underexpose ambient — awesome advice!

Would you recommend I keep using the Rogue Flashbender in situations like this? Hand-held white reflector (Lastolite Tri grip handheld reflector)? What modifiers (if any) would you use?

Thank you!

NottsPhoto wrote:

Table shots are a nightmare.

1) carry a step ladder, get a bit higher and therefore get rid of some of the background.

2) set the shutter speed and aperture at slightly under exposing (maybe a stop or so..) for the ambient, so you have some atmosphere.

3) the flash should be your main light source. Expose for that on the faces, and set the wb for that. (Nail it on either flash or daylight, don’t use Awb)

Your 430 is really not powerful enough for event stuff like that, plus you have deliberately underexposed it by 1 stop. So what your seeing is the ambient coloured lighting, and your not going to get consistent colour and exposures on faces doing that, such as you need for table shots.

Work with the ambient light to give atmosphere, but the flash is your main light to show the people. Fill the frame, and think about the composition.

Don’t attempt to bounce in these conditions unless the ceiling is low and white. Don’t even think about, “soft light” every thing is hard in these gigs, Getting the people smiling and properly exposed and into camera with some atmosphereis the key to success.

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The thing with this sort of work is the simpler you can make it, the better off you are. I don’t personally use any modifiers on my flash, neither does my colleague.

The 600 series flash from canon is a good bet, but frankly I would recommend something like the godox version of he same thing instead, this is A LOT cheaper, plus they do a really really good battery pack for this at a very good price...

I also like to put the flash on the canon sb -e2 bracket which is an excellent bit of kit.

this setup works well for presentation shots, wide shots of groups, and even very long sniper shots with a 70-200.

My normal combo is the 24-70 in one body, and the 135f2 on t’uther. I will also carry the 70-200 and the 24 1.4 if I want more reach for speakers or something wide and funky for atmosphere or dance floor slow sync action.

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