Same sensor size more megapixels (ASP-C 16MP vs 24MP)?

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Re: Same sensor size more megapixels (ASP-C 16MP vs 24MP)?

Tim Reidy Productions wrote:

the problem with the blurry shot theory is it is unknown when the blur would exactly go away, usually in the 1000's most action is stopped.

the reason is seen in camera specs, as most top sports cams are in the 20mp range, while the top landscape cams are going in the 30 -50mp range.

Sport cams have lower pixel counts because of their high framerates, and because the typical higher shutter speeds tend to reduce exposure, leading to read noise being more noticeable (lower pixel count tends to produce an offsetting reduction in read noise) not to minimize motion blur effects.

Motion blur exists because the camera sensor moved during the exposure, so light that was being directed at one pixel at the beginning of the capture is directed elsewhere by the end of the capture.  If you are viewing the image printed at the same size from the same distance the visibility of the motion blur depends on how far across the frame the light travelled, not on how many pixels it crossed.

People erroneously believe they can see more motion blur on higher pixel count sensors, because they make the mistake of evaluating blur at a 100% crop. Doing so means that the same amount of motion will have covered  a greater portion of the crop  for the higher MP sensor Comparing at 100% zooms in more on the higher MP image, so one i no longer comparing at the same size and viewing distance.

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