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Dave C 150 wrote:

Iightandaprayer wrote:

The D500 body is a couple of grand by itself...

Why are you so concerned about an extra $50? (roughly)

Do people also save money by using plastic shopping bags instead of $100 for a decent bag to protect the $2K body as well...?

Uh ? Typical comment from prople who have too much money or like wasting it. In the last 10 years I've never had an SD card fail. The buffer is plenty big/fast enough with my SD cards on the D500. It just means I have to carry the spare with me rather than in the camera. With the card reader the difference between a 32Gb SD card and XQD card reader is about $100 here. I see there are some advantages of XQD cards but my actual question is that the prices don't seem to be dropping at the same rate other media did. Maybe other areas that use this form of storage don't think XQD is the way forward.

You choose what works for you, that's easy. For me, XQD can make the difference between getting  a shot or not...

Don't make assumptions, I have a budget just like anyone else. Personally, I don't fret over $100 when I have $12K worth of equipment.

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