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JeanPierre Thibaudeau wrote:

Henry Falkner wrote:

JeanPierre Thibaudeau wrote:

Thank you Henry.

How do you explain that the Panasonic can produce bigger prints than the Olympus camera, since they both have the same sensor sizes?

The Panasonic ZS60 has 20 MP, the SH-2 has 16.

After that, it is all to do with the noise reduction. RAW from the SH-2 needs about 30% at good exposure levels. Noise reduction inevitably kills small detail.

On the ZS60, the noise reduction is less in broad daylight, but it hits like sledge hammer as the light goes down. This has been commented on in YouTube videos about the ZS60.

I can't understand the meaning of your last paragraph in your answer. You don't think that Olympus realizes how good is their SH series? Could you rephrase it with other words? I think your english is more advanced than mine.

There is not a single Olympus advert that stresses how the firmware has been written to work with the photographer, not against him.


You mean that the SH-2 is very well designed but there's no publicity around it? I love my SH-1, I bring it with me on my summer bicycle rides. So versatile, so powerful. I just wish it had less sharpening artifacts impossible to get rid of in camera.

I am retaining the SH-1, and the SH-50, precisely because that line has been terminated. I did a 33x23 inch print from an SH-1 camera original, after enlarging it x3 in PSE13. The sharpening as well as the excessive noise reduction are noticeable:

Check the original size, since this has the ex-camera dimensions.

My business partner loves it though, since she was born in Hawera, about a kilometer from where this picture was taken. She could care less than two figs about the sharpening. It was taken from a moving bus.

I think that not so many people focus on this particular model, they prefer bigger sensor cameras or smartphones. The compact camera world is slowly dying Henry. I don't think there'll ever be an SH-4 model, even in Japan only

The SH-3 went off half-cock with 4 MB video at 15 fps. Looks like the bean counters objected to an updated processor.

You mean you focused on the bird with the ESP/Face mode, and all this between those branches? I will try it, as I only used the spot focus mode so far.

To me this looks like the firmware writers decided that 'if it moves, that is where the focus is wanted'.

The moon is nicely exposed but very soft on fine details. Did you use the in camera digital zoom? I hope not as this is very destructive.

I did use 4x digital zoom - and that is where the detail gets lost. If you want to do better with just an all-in-one camera, you have to look at larger bridge cameras. The most versatile are the Nikon P900 with a small sensor, and the SONY RX10 Mk IV with a 1'' sensor. Neither fit in a pocket though.

I am considering getting a Panasonic FZ1000. It's got a bigger sensor, an amazing lens and beautiful colours, better than this good Olympus compact. But it sure won't fit in my pocket.

Over on the Panasonic Compact Forum there is a comparison between the TZ/ZS100 (has a 1" sensor also) and the TZ80/ZS60 (1/2.3 sensor). The TZ100 does surprisingly well with just a 250mm reach. Maybe not for moon shots though.

Henry, you seem to have become an expert with the SH series, stills and videos. Keep on the great work!

Thank you.


Thank you!


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