Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Pot meet kettle

Smitty1 wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

OK that's a little harsh, but that's what this feels like. You're making a lot of assumptions about a camera that doesn't exist yet!

I think if Pentax released a new fast focusing camera, and produced new versions of the 16-50 and 50-135 with updated motors at the same time, people would be over the moon. This would be within their capability, no matter how unlikely you believe it to be.

You complain he is making a lot of assumptions about a product that doesn't exist and, in your next breath, make assumptions about products that don't exist yet. doh!

It's one thing to complain about the current situation, another altogether to complain about the future. I simply pointed out an alternate future that would resolve the complaints, and added an opinion that it was not impossible.

I think Greyser makes some valid points.

Yes, there's some good points buried in there. The title of the post was definitely designed to stir the pot though.

I also think AlbertSiegel makes some valid points too.

Based on track record.. on historical data.. we can see that Pentax as a brand in the digital age (at least) has never had class leading AF tracking. And, today, they have fairly low support from 3rd parties in terms of lenses and flashes.

The low support from 3rd parties has nothing to do with the capabilities of the system, and everything to do with raw sales figures. OK, maybe the lack of electronic aperture control was a hindrance, but that's fixed on the new camera models.

What makes you think, in a cash tight environment, that is going to seriously change for Pentax? Sure it could happen (and that would be great!), but is it more probable or just seemingly possible?

Ricoh has Pentax on target to launch a D-FA 50 f/1.4, a D-FA 85 f/1.4, and a DA* 11-18 f/2.8 next.

What makes you think an updated DA* 16-50 and 50-135mm are in the cards any time soon too? They are seemingly working balls-to-the-wall with getting these FF primes out of the door and launching an UWA crop zoom that has been on the roadmap for years and years.

I assume that the optical design of the 16-50 and 50-135 would not change, only the focusing mechanism. Half of the lens design and manufacturing tooling is already done.

Let me add another observation about those two lenses. From what I understand about Japanese culture, it is difficult to get them to admit to a mistake. Replacing the focusing motors in those lenses would be admitting that SDM was a failure... probably not going to happen. But if they introduced a new camera with fast focusing as a top-line feature, it would be the perfect time to "upgrade" the lenses to have fast focus as well. It's not fixing, it's improving!

There are a lot of IFs in seeing a dramatic "turn around" for Pentax as a brand.. at least in the short to medium term.

I'm not naive enough to believe in a dramatic turn around, but I don't think extreme pessimism is warranted either.

IF Ricoh starts funding Pentax r&d more liberally, IF r&d can overcome the hurdles they face in design and technology, IF Ricoh management read the market correctly, IF these products are launched at the right time of their demand. There are a lot of IFs IF we step back and soberly assess the situation without the Pentax fan glasses on.

The market has shrunk and has fractured into different avenues.. that is where we're at now.. Even larger players are reacting to the changes in the market and having to deal with some of these IFs. And no one here knows what will exactly happen and how in the camera world.

So please don't call the man or his post troll because he has assessed the situation differently than you. He is clearly still in Pentax for the long haul, despite the uncertain seas the market sails in currently.

As I said, the title of the post was definitely troll-worthy. But then so was mine, so touché.

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