Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

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Re: Why do you need another crippled Pentax APS-C flagship?

Lyff wrote:

Frankly I went from Nikon to Pentax for the low light AF performance, the APSC glass and the IBIS and frankly I don't have any reasons to leave Pentax for what I do.

Even though the K-3 is getting old the image quality is still superb, the buffer is far better than in the KP and K-1 making it less stressful to work with, the AF is fast and accurate in AF-S, and all that in a great body with good ergonomics in a small size.
I really don't care about the KP, it's nearly the same size/weight as my K-3, mostly with crippled features for a premium price, if I wanted to go light I'd rather buy a fuji XT20 and adapt my Pentax lenses. That said I hope the K-3 will get an upgrade, the noise reduction isn't stellar, video features are getting old, add to that a tiltable display, a joystick, a shooting mode dial to make it a more practical body.

I would love to see a lot of new things like auto af adjustement, smaller raw options (12bit, compressed, lower resolution..), 4K, 120/240fps 1080p, log, handheld pixel shift... But even without all that a K-3 III would be still relevant for most professionals that need reliable, do-everything camera. I don't want to miss a critical shot due with a buffer too easy too fill like with the K-1, or because the AF won't lock in dim light like my olders Nikons.

Without intending to do so I'm sure, you are exactly illustrating the point the OP makes: you switched from Nikon to Pentax because the Nikon would not AF in low light. Hé on the other hand, switched from Pentax to Nikon because his K3 refused to track flying birds.

So what conclusion should we draw from that? That Nikon has/had to tackle the mediocre low light AF (did they do so already?), and that Pentax has to tackle the sub-par tracking AF (which means a lot more due to having to update old lens technology).


Doing concert and event photography the K-3 is still for me one of the best options available on the market, I love Fuji glass but they lack IBIS, Sony AF is garbage under low light and like Canikon they seriously lacks APSC pro glass.

I'd be happy to see a new K-3 but I'd be even happier to see more APSC glass. The 11-18 looks good, but we still need a bunch of fast enough APSC primes like Fuji. DA Limited are fine when you have enough light, but modern f/1.8 - 2 crop primes would be more versatile options.

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