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Travel Backpack and Other Suggested Gear

Hello all! This thread is only meant for advice and suggestions regarding the below specific questions that I have, so please treat the thread nicely and don't polarize anyone's suggestion of advice. There are so many choices out there for almost all of the stuff I am asking about, and really want to rely on the great minds in this forum as all of you, or almost all of you, have already made the great decision to go with Fuji's X system!! Thank you in advance!

I am lucky enough to take a trip in a few months overseas, with kids, and would like to pick your noggins about the proper "packing gear" and gear to travel with/bring along. My kit is going to include my X-T2 with battery grip, 16-55 and 18-55 lenses. As I have been posting lately, the 18-55 is staying coming along for video purposes. I also have a mini manfrotto table tripod from my film days and will be using my RRS bottom plate (didn't get the vertical portion to complete an "L"). My current strapping and bag system consists of the Peak Design cuff, Sling (not the sling lite) and a small manfrotto shoulder bag that fits the camera and battery grip (while not attached) and either lens, but not both lenses in this little bag. I came from film to digital with my X-T2 purchase, so don't know the ins and outs of some of the situations I am going to put myself in (landscape, night, street, portrait and long exposure photography). I have been investigating both/either UV and Polarizing filters for my new 16-55 lens and have polarizing and protection filters for my 18-55 lens...I just haven't pulled the trigger yet for any filters for my 16-55.

Here are my questions/sought after recommendations and they cover the above equipment:

1) Travel Backpack that will fit my camera kit and afford me the ability to store additional harddrives (2) and my surface pro ALONG with stuff that I will need to carry for my kids (not much but some food and water). And and additional bag/pack that will fit my two lenses and the X-T2 with battery grip.

2) Light yet inexpensive tripod (either carbon fiber or aluminum) that would hopefully allow for a conversion into a mono-pod.

3) Well designed pouches that will individually fit my 16-55 and also my 18-55.

4) Camera pouch for my X-T2 PLUS the 16-55 with and then without the battery grip. My current camera pouches are neoprene and only fit the X-T2 and my 18-55 with and without the battery grip.

5) I got both circular polarizing and clear B+W filters for my 18-55 lens a while ago, when I made my initial purchase BUT haven't gotten any filters for my 16-55 lens. I did get a clear protection B+W filter for it though. I have read the blog posting about those filters, hence the protection filter. Also, I kind of want to stick with B+W filters.

- Do I really need a UV or polarizing filter for a lens?

- Should I get a neutral density filter? I was thinking about the graduated ND filter B+W has as I used to take 15-30 second night shots with my medium format camera and will do so with my X-T2 in the future, maybe not in this trip.

6) Do I need a corded mic for some video that I will be taking of one of my children making a presentation? I will be fairly close to her during the presentation and want to make sure I get a sound quality that won't be inferior (i.e. like I am standing 10 feet away and using the built-in camera mic).

That's all for now, thank you for reading this post, and thank you, thank you, thank you for any thoughts, advice and recommendations. And, please answer one, all or none of the above. Cheers! Lewie.

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